Recycling Plastic – Beneficial To The Environment

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The need for adopting a greener and healthier lifestyle is greater than ever today. More and more stress is being laid on the conservation and protection of the environment from degradation, which we unfortunately accelerate without even knowing!

People are becoming more conscious and vigilant in this regard. Big corporations and companies, on the other hand, are doing their bit in preventing the damage to the environment. Through tree-planting, recycling, waste management, and other green campaigns, communities are adopting numerous initiatives to keep Mother Nature in tip-top shape.

A Look At Plastics

Plastics are major contributors for the degrading condition of the environment ‘thanks’ to their chemical make up. You see, plastic does not degrade (non-biodegradable). This means that even after 10, 20, or even 30 years, they stay and spoil the environment they’ve been dumped to and disrupts several food chains.

They have many bad effects on the health of certain organisms – this inturn indirectly affects various food chains. However, plastics are a necessary evil, and no matter how less we use them, we can’t really completely take them out of the equation. With this in mind, recycling of plastics makes sense as it would prevent more production of plastics. Some of the major benefits on the environment due to recycling plastics and other materials have been described below.

Clearing Of Waste: A large proportion of domestic and industrial wastes are plastics, which were either used as carry bags, packaging, and more. These plastics are discarded after use and sent for dumping to landfills and garbage centers. However, thorugh recycling plastic, a large part of the garbage is cleared up and the resulting collection can be put to other uses. The plastic products chosen for recycling are treated – made germ-free and used again for industrial purposes or home use.

If industries recycle plastics that have been dumped from households after treating them, they can be reused in for commercial purposes. This can help in greatly reducing the quantity of waste generated – going a long way in preserving the scenic beauty of the environment and preventing damage and disruption to nature as well.

Less Use Means Lesser Damage: Another benefit of recycling plastics is that if they are re-used, then manufacturers would need to produce less plastic. This presents numerous benefits. Less plastics in production would mean that less are being discarded. This also reduces the need to extract new materials and resources for plastic manufacturing. Lesser production means reduced usage of harmful chemicals used, which translates pollution and degradation problems.

Use For Making Other Substances: Recycled plastics, which cannot be put to any other use, can be treated at industries and can be made into other products which require plastic as base. Plastic articles can be made from discarded and reclaimed plastic-based products.

This way the environment can be saved in two ways. Firstly, recycling plastics helps in preventing garbage and saves the landscape. Secondly, the recycled plastics can be used for other purposes which prevent more plastic from being generated, which would otherwise harm the environment later.

There’s no doubt about it: Recycling plastics is a great move for the environment.


Why You Should Start Recycling Plastic TODAY

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Growing environmental concerns and growing awareness among people has brought the degrading effect of plastics on the environment into the limelight. Plastics are causing more harm to the environment than they are doing any good. This has made plastics a growing menace. Recycling plastics has become all the more important in today’s world – to help maintain a clean environment and to prevent damage to Mother Nature.

It is very important that we, at the individual level, take responsibility and do our bit for the conservation of environment by recycling plastics. There are several benefits of doing just that:

  • Recycling plastic products keeps the environment and the surroundings clean as it gets rid of the extra waste products. Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems of proper waste management. By recycling them,  you help the environment ‘de-stress’ if you will as it doesn’t have to put up with as much waste.


  • Recycling plastic products like bottles, mugs, buckets and other products, after they are broken or no longer in use provides you with more functionality. Like bottles of lotion or oil, after they are empty, can be used to keep and carry other liquids. Plastics used for covering shouldn’t be discarded right away. Instead, you can use them as containers…and that’s just one idea.


  • It is good to recycle plastic as they cannot be simply thrown in the garden as they do not decompose. It takes years for them to degrade and the harmful chemicals cause havoc in the soil. So instead of discarding waste plastic near your house or garden, you should recycle it or give to some recycling company. By doing so, you join the effort to protect the environment and even keep your house waste-free.


  • Recycling plastics also helps in reducing your cost. This is because the global concern for environment has made plastic packets chargeable everywhere. So if you recycle your own plastics and carry them while shopping, it can save your money.

With the reasons above, it is evident that recycling plastic and plastic-based products is indeed an excellent initiative. It helps in protecting the environment; helps increase your productivity; and it’s also beneficial for your pockets. Plastics are a necessary evil for us and it is very difficult to live without them. Having said that, we should at least ensure that they do not cause more harm than good. Protecting the environment is the duty of every person.


Recycling Plastic Bottles In A Few Easy Steps

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Plastic in its varied forms can be recycled and reused for future use. I have been recycling plastic bottles and bags – using some not-so-common but very effective ideas. I have found that recycling plastic not only protects the environment, but it also saves up a considerable amount of money. Here are some examples:

Using Them To Keep Water

The best and the easiest way to recycle plastic bottles is probably by storing water in them. There are certain softdrink and soda bottles that are made of hard plastic. I always store water in them, which eliminates the need for buying more plastic bottles.

Sending It To The Dumpster

While recycling these bottles, I also sent them to the curb or dumpster. Before I do so however, I make sure I have removed the caps and the plastic label from the bottle. Various communities have different guidelines for recycling these bottles. I have adhered to these guidelines to ensure proper recycling.

Using Them As Pen Stands

I had removed the caps from my plastic bottles and covered them with colored paper. This added some intriguing aspect to the bottles, turning them into looking pen stands. So, with this pen stand, I got to add a utility item from these plastic bottles, which would’ve been thrown otherwise. Try out these innovative guidelines for recycling plastic, you’ll love it.


Recycling Plastic Bags Now Made Easy

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Recycling plastic is one thing that every individual and family can do. I have been recycling plastic for the last five years and throughout this time; I have enjoyed every bit of it. Following are some ways which I have tried for recycling various plastic bags. Check them out and try them. You might just love th results:

Using Them As Bin Liners

Well, this is probably the easiest way to recycle plastic. Simply put the huge plastic bags in the bin and use them to collect the extra waste. Use these liners anywhere you have trashbins. So, with plastics I got my free bin liner, which is easy to use and durable as well.

A Personalized Shower Cap

What can be better than a personalized shower cap? Well, plastics can actually be a personalized shower cap. In fact, instead of shedding money on new shower caps, I always wear plastics to protect my hair from getting wet. This is both handy and free at the same time.

Apart from using them as shower caps, I have also tried using these plastics to prevent my shoes from getting wet during the rain. Due to this reason, I always carry used plastic bags whenever the weather doesn’t seem friendly. In this, I am recycling plastic and availing some cool benefits simultaneously.

For Charity And Animal Shelters

I have donated plastic bags to local animal shelters, and they have been pretty happy about it. With these plastics bags, animals and their living spaces can be easily cleaned. Besides, these plastics are also used when a dog is taken for walk. Besides giving these products to animal shelters, I have also given some of my used plastic bags for charity. They had appreciated my effort and used them in various tasks.

Apart from the mentioned ideas, I have also used recycled plastics to pack things up or to protect my electronic gadgets from water. These plastic recycling ideas are pretty viable and purposeful as well. Why not give them a shot?